What We Do For Insurance Firms

Advisor Pro makes it easier for an agent with insurance clients to start a conversation about wealth management services. Your home office can provide the distributed agent workforce with a consistent and structured way to talk about investing. From a business and regulatory perspective, you can be confident that clients are being assessed for their risk profile and mapped to suitable investment strategies based on a consistent approach. Advisor Pro allows the home office to easily attribute new AUM to each agent, even for multi-brand organizations.

Key Benefits

ClientAdvisorHome Office
Seamless sign-up experience, including single sign-on, pre-populated forms, and client portalEnroll via the web, a call center, at a branch, with an agent, or any combination.Onboard clients in one meeting — easily move existing insurance clients into wealth management, capture risk tolerance, and map to suitable investments.Onboard clients in a consistent, compliant way, while lowering onboarding expenses via fewer errors and low-value calls.
Mobile accessAccess account and track progress toward goals easily from any mobile device.Free up time to focus on client service because clients can self-service.Gain insight into mobile behavior for future product development.
Goal-based approachIdentify and formalize goals, track progress, and update goals as they change.Use client data to uncover incremental assets, aggregate assets, and create stickier assets.Deepen relationships with clients by facilitating a goal-based dialogue.
Measure risk tolerance systematically and map to suitable optionsAnswer a simple questionnaire to ensure you’re mapped to the right investment strategy.Have a structured process to measure risk tolerance and map clients to a portfolio model.Gain a built-in oversight process without adding organizational layers.

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