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Whether you’re a wirehouse or an independent, Advisor Pro is flexible to accommodate different compensation structures, different brands, and different service models. Home offices decide which decisions to centralize and which to delegate to advisors — how to define client suitability, map to portfolios, and meet regulatory and compliance rules. At the same time, advisors can manage their service offering and client experience. Home offices can also help broker-dealers deepen their client relationships, by providing a goal-based framework for investing.

Broker-dealers need a solution that will help to expand assets and increase advisor productivity, not just add more tools to learn. Advisor Pro is an enterprise solution, making advisor adoption and usage seamless.

Key Benefits

ClientAdvisorHome Office
Streamline account sign-up and provide easy ongoing accessEnroll via the web or an advisor or even a centralized service center. Self-service day or night, or talk with a person.Onboard clients in one meeting, give account access 24/7.Onboard clients in a consistent, compliant way while lowering onboarding expenses via fewer errors and low value calls.
Goal-based approachIdentify and formalize goals, track progress, and update goals as they change.Use client data to uncover incremental assets, aggregate assets, and create stickier assets. Facilitate a goal-based dialogue, deepening relationships with clients.
Serve smaller clients at scaleAccess suitable strategies with a smaller initial investment.Expand offering of suitable investments for smaller accounts, focusing more time on high-revenue clients.Improve profitability of serving smaller accounts with lower expenses and investment strategies specifically designed for smaller digital accounts.
Retain family assets across generationsAssociate a modern digital investing experience with the brand.Extend reach to new client segments.Expand your client base and build your brand with a new audience.

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