Why Jemstep Advisor Pro

Digital innovation at its core

Jemstep Advisor Pro is an innovative advisor-directed technology that enhances the way advisors connect with their clients and run their businesses. Our platform provides the ability to prospect for and serve clients more efficiently, and to use cutting-edge digital technology to deliver their valued advice.


Furthering the reach of your advice

Our open-architecture platform allows financial advisors to use their asset allocation models providing access to mutual funds, ETFs and other investment vehicles that meet the needs of a broad range of clients. Alternatively, advisors can choose from a range of available asset allocation models curated by industry-leading investment managers.

Platforms integrated with Jemstep


Benefits of increasing your reach

By configuring their investment models on our digital platform, financial advisors can more effectively reach prospective clients and drive business growth.

Grow AUM


Converting leads

Capitalize on marketing efforts, maximize cross-selling opportunities and increase conversions by directing prospects to an engaging and interactive online experience that has been designed to digitally onboard clients.

Intergenerational wealth transfer

Financial advisors lose approximately 70% of a client’s business when wealth ownership transfers within a family1. Jemstep Advisor Pro helps advisors maintain relationships and efficiently navigate the wealth transfer process.

1 Source: investmentnews.com, "The great wealth transfer is coming, putting advisers at risk”, July 13, 2015

Deepening share of wallet

Financial advisors have more visibility into held-away accounts and, at the click of a button, clients can effortlessly transfer assets. Our multi-custodial platform allows for a smart transition approach that’s streamlined for clients and avoids unnecessary transaction costs.

Reduce cost to serve



Jemstep Advisor Pro provides the efficiency and functionality necessary to reach clients under-served by advisors. It also allows financial advisors an easy, digital way to prospect for and electronically onboard the type of investors who make up their core client base today.

Cost efficiency

Jemstep Advisor Pro integrates with existing systems and frees time for value-added services. Information captured on the platform passes directly to the advisor’s CRM, custodian, portfolio and management tools, streamlining work flow and reducing the cost to serve clients.


Segmented approach

Provide a multi-tier investment offering to suit a broad range of client needs. As a client relationship grows and evolves, the client can be guided by the advisor to a more suitable recommendation with the click of a button.


Create a repeatable, consistent process that is documented every step of the way, which is critical in helping to ensure that financial advisors are compliant with the latest requirements. Suitability questions, alerts and other settings can be configured to reflect a firm’s compliance needs.

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