Why Jemstep

Our team of experts focuses on understanding your service model and meeting your business needs



We have a proven track record of partnering with banks to solve problems and bring a superior digital investing experience to life for advisors and clients.

The bar has been raised. Investors expect 24/7 access to their portfolio, along with personalized advice. We make it easy for your clients to sign up, see all of their investment accounts in real time, and get personalized advice to help them reach their financial goals. We help automate compliance, onboarding, and servicing tasks, so advisors can focus on adding value.

What we bring to the table

Our digital advice experience can help you increase client and advisor adoption, address compliance requirements, determine investment suitability, and lower costs to service clients.

  • We know consumer behavior, because we started out as a direct-to-consumer company. We apply these insights to usability, marketing, and streamlined design.
  • We created a client experience that’s easy to use, employs the best practices of functionality and marketing, and scales across client segments for added efficiencies.
  • Our platform provides a goal-based process that maps clients to investments according to their attitude toward risk and capacity to take on risk.

Team up for success

We serve some of the largest financial institutions. Our customer success and marketing experts can help you educate your team and promote your digital services, to increase adoption and usage among advisors and clients. Together we can:

  • Grow assets from current clients and attract new clients, with a modern investing experience customized for your brand, messaging, and value proposition.
  • Extend your wealth management business reach to serve small but growing accounts — with reduced costs and complexity.
  • Enable your advisors to focus on what they do best — help clients stay on track with goals, offer investment expertise, and foster strong relationships.

Tap our deep resources

We have the agility of an independent FinTech firm, while benefiting from our parent company Invesco’s deep resources and proven commitment — we aren’t distracted or conflicted by future funding needs. That supports our long-term success and ability to scale in order to serve banks and other financial firms.

  • Invesco Investment Solutions – Optional investment strategies and model portfolios formulated for different client needs.
  • Invesco Consulting – Advice on what language works and what doesn’t — for advisors and clients.
  • Compliance expertise – From suitability to OCC requirements, we can share our experience.


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