We team with banks to bring a superior digital investing experience to life for your clients and advisors


Advisor Pro is designed to reduce complexity, at implementation and ongoing. We’re part of Invesco, so we understand the financial services regulatory environment and security concerns, including the complexity of your AML and KYC requirements. Our clients benefit from Invesco’s broad and deep resources, knowledge of working with the OCC, and the unique due diligence process — far beyond the basic robo in a box.


Banks use Advisor Pro to give clients convenient access to wealth advice. Our white-label solution enables banks to deliver a modern, branded experience for prospects and to deepen relationships with clients.

1. Grow assets under management by extending wealth management to retail bank clients

  • Market to deposit, credit card, mortgage, and lending bank clients
  • Make it easy for advisors to identify held-away assets and for clients to transfer assets
  • Aggregate assets and create stickier clients
  • Engage in scalable, goal-based financial planning


2.Tier different client experiences by client segment

  • Provide the right omni-channel services (online, chat, call center, individual advisor)
  • Balance costs to serve with revenue
  • Offer appropriate investment strategies based on tier


3. Serve smaller accounts at scale and efficiently

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Lower onboarding costs
  • Lower ongoing servicing costs

Learn more about our bank-grade advice platform and integration with third-party providers including Pershing




What do clients need to sign up?

Clients can use Advisor Pro’s seamless single sign-on feature from your client portal or they can sign up directly by providing a name and email address and selecting a password. At the beginning of the sign-up process, clients see a list of additional information they’ll need to gather to complete the process, including information about their accounts.

Can clients start the application in one location (such as a branch) and continue it somewhere else (for example, at home) without losing information?

Yes. The Advisor Pro platform saves client information throughout the sign-up and onboarding process. If the client begins the onboarding process online and phones a call center or walks into a branch, all parties will still have access to all data. We designed the sign-up process to be easy to understand and to complete in one sitting.

Can you help my firm market to current clients and prospects?

Our marketing pros are available to share best practices, provide a toolkit, offer campaign ideas, and give guidance on A/B testing. We have the experience to help increase adoption and usage by advisors and clients.

How are clients mapped to the appropriate target portfolio?

When they sign up, clients click through a brief questionnaire to create their personal profile, select financial goals, and answer related risk questions. The platform instantly scores their attitude toward risk and capacity for risk, mapping them to a suitable recommended investment portfolio. The mapping process is configured to your firm’s strategy. If a client answers a risk-related question in a way that is inconsistent with other answers, Advisor Pro flags that response and alerts the client so they can review their answers and correct the inconsistency. Jemstep has extensive experience in developing risk tolerance questions and the mapping framework, and can help you think through suitability, fiduciary, and other issues.

What other third-party integrations do you support?

Key platforms that are integrated with Advisor Pro include DocuSign, Fiserv, Pershing, Salesforce, Orion, and TD Ameritrade.



78% of U.S. retail bank customers say they are interested in receiving financial advice or guidance from their bank

(Source: 2018 U.S. Retail Banking Advice Study by J.D. Power, 2018)

45% of consumers prefer not to leave their primary bank when it comes to investments

(Source: MyPrivateBanking Research)

40% of all investors now use some combination of human and digital advice

(Source: Hearts & Wallets database of over 40,000 US households (December 2017)


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