Seamless integration with your chosen platform providers


We designed Advisor Pro to be flexible, giving you an easy-to-implement digital advice platform that’s integrated within your digital ecosystem, to modernize your firm’s service model. That reduces complexity for your implementation team, your advisors, your clients, and your third-party providers.



These are some of the more well-known providers currently integrated with Advisor Pro. We add new providers based on demand.



Pershing – Financial institutions rely on Pershing as their custodian and on Advisor Pro for executing in the Pershing environment. We are fully integrated with Pershing’s platform. Client digital assets are custodied in the same consistent manner as other investment assets, reducing complexity in oversight and security, increasing ease and speed of onboarding, and enabling straight-through processing.


TD Ameritrade Institutional – Advisor Pro is also integrated with TD Ameritrade Institutional’s clearing and custody platform, keeping advisors’ digitally acquired assets within the same custodian platform as offline assets.


Salesforce – Advisor Pro integrates with the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud (FSC) and Sales and Service Clouds. Advisor Pro is the only digital advice application listed on the Salesforce App Exchange, making integration of digital client data seamless for advisors and home offices. Increase customer acquisition and asset growth while lowering acquisition costs, with deep insights into investor goals, risk tolerance, and held-away accounts. Introduce your wealth management business to existing customers and increase existing AUM with business intelligence and analytics supported by Einstein and Marketing Cloud.


DocuSign – Go paperless and complete the digital account opening process in one meeting with electronic signatures. Introduce convenience to the client experience and save time for clients and advisors with eSignatures via any digital onboarding channel.


CashEdge – Use account aggregation to benefit both clients and advisors. Clients can see their accounts in one place, easily transfer held-away assets, and maximize the benefits of goal-based advice across all of their investments. Advisors can increase customer profitability and share of wallet, while helping clients reach their goals.


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