Your investment choices for your clients’ goals


We designed Advisor Pro for investment flexibility and suitability. Our open investment architecture allows you to choose which investment strategies to offer — from any fund family — and map clients to the right portfolio solution, based on your suitability requirements. What makes this possible is our approach to client profiling. We know how to engage with clients digitally, and we have experience working with financial services firms that have complex and distinctive needs.

Our platform is adaptable, so we can build the right solution for your business. For banks, that means satisfying rigorous regulatory and compliance requirements. For clients, that means a seamless digital experience with investments tailored to their situation.




Experience shows that a uniform investment solution can only work with a uniform client base. But no two clients are identical. Advisor Pro gives banks the flexibility to configure the client profiling process and map clients to the right investment strategies. Our framework also supports a segmented approach to client service.




Through our goal-based structure, clients see a recommended portfolio that reflects their total risk profile, including their attitude and perception toward risk and their capacity for risk. Our investment framework was built to help ensure suitability over time, without adding cost or complexity. Banks can provide a consistent investment profile regardless of portfolio size. This is key for client retention, development, and overall good relationship management — to graduate clients over time, across life stages.




We’ve analyzed every detail of digital advice — client preferences, account size, tax sensitivities, fees, and transaction costs — to maximize value for clients. That includes optional model portfolios, to give clients diversified, cost-effective investment options with a simple decision process, while accounting for your firm’s feasibility constraints and efficiencies, plus ease of use and speed of implementation.



  • Configurable risk tolerance

Your client profiling requirements, risk scoring, and portfolio mapping

  • Optimal investment vehicles

Active or passive, exchange-traded or mutual fund

  • Agnostic product selection

Proprietary, white label, model portfolios or externally managed — in any combination

  • Capital market assumptions

Consistency and simplicity for sound investment parameters across multiple investment solutions and client segmentation



  • Structured process

Home office defines the asset allocation model and target portfolio range

  • Portfolio management, trading, and rebalancing

Integrated within the platform

  • Small account efficiencies

Solving for trading and cost challenges

  • Configurable suitability and compliance

To put clients in the right portfolio based on your criteria

  • Optional model portfolios

Designed to improve feasibility, reduce costs, provide advisor support, and offer differentiated portfolio construction tailored for client segments






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