Our bank-grade advice platform is integrated seamlessly, modernizing the investing experience for your advisors and clients.
  • Easy to use

    We make it easy for clients to sign up and invest toward their goals

  • Flexible

    The platform is integrated with your custodian, client relationship management, and other third-party systems

  • Secure

    Our technology, security protocols, and processes meet requirements of top-tier financial institutions, including SOC 2 attestation and data encryption


Advisor Pro balances the need to give clients a convenient and personalized digital experience with your need for data security and consistent process. We understand a bank’s complex environment — from the single sign-on logistics to investment suitability and compliance demands. Security is never a compromise.

Deep integration with your providers — including Pershing, Salesforce, DocuSign and more — is designed to accelerate cost savings, lower error rates, increase operational efficiency, and reduce complexity. Our marketing expertise helps you build digital marketing muscle to engage, convert, onboard, retain, and grow clients — at launch and ongoing.


  • Goal-based process

Personalized portfolio recommendations based on client goals

  • Integrated with current systems

Adapted to your systems, for easy, seamless adoption and use by advisors and clients

  • Open investment architecture

You select investments: proprietary, white label, model portfolios, or externally managed

  • Value-added services

Marketing and analytics support, to increase adoption and usage, initially and ongoing

  • Custodian integration

Electronic account opening, with reduced errors, greater speed, and more efficiency



  • Client analytics

Systematically identifies opportunities in assets held away via account aggregation

  • Data security

For bank requirements, including encryption and SOC 2 Type 2.

  • End-to-end efficiencies

From eSignatures to reduced monitoring and IT management

  • Built for banks

Including single sign-on, pre-populated forms, and compliance-approved process

  • White labeled

Deliver your branded client experience and control your investment decisions and data



Open investment architecture

Advisor Pro adapts to your preferences and business needs, from suitability requirements to investment choices to model mapping. Learn how we help you give clients a personalized digital investing experience, seamlessly and cost effectively.


Platform integrations

As an enterprise partner, we configure and implement Advisor Pro within your operating model, including preferred custodian, CRM (such as Salesforce) and eSignature providers. Meet these third-party providers and see how seamless your integrations could be.


Marketing services

We offer expert advice to increase adoption and usage. See how our data analytics, CRM campaigns, and marketing services can help you expand relationships with existing customers and gain new ones.


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