June 2019

Jemstep, provider of the Advisor Pro digital advice platform, is proud to offer continued integration of digital wealth management services with BNY Mellon’s Pershing, the largest provider of clearing and settlement solutions. Integration benefits banks and other financial services firms, with a more seamless client experience, and more efficient and cost-effective client onboarding and servicing.

Our deep integration with Pershing enables banks to configure and implement a goal-based digital platform that delivers a compelling client and advisor experience, while supporting home office policies and operations. For example, enhancements that deepen Jemstep’s integration with Pershing include:

  • Streamlined account opening process: Advisor Pro has fully digitized this process, giving banks greater consistency and cost savings, without compromising information security. Advisor Pro’s single sign-on capabilities pre-populates new account forms, making it easier for clients to open accounts. Consistent and validated account applications reduce the time advisors need to spend resolving form omissions or inconsistencies. We support requirements for handling client information, reviews and approvals, form types and formats, and e-Signatures.
  • Increased efficiency of transfers between accounts: Advisor Pro validates user input to improve accuracy, limit interruptions in transfers, and set client expectations for transactions. That includes setting maximum amounts and contribution years for retirement account deposits, and accounting for market hours and holidays. Field validations and transparency help clients and advisors complete the account funding process more efficiently, making it easier to manage transfers. Once a new bank account is verified and approved, transfers can be completed with straight-through processing.
  • Simplified back-office procedures: Advisor Pro facilitates back-office workflow, with signed documents that are uploaded for quick review of new accounts. Other documents are registered in the system as needed. Configuration allows the bank to lock specific account information fields for client-directed changes or to adapt approval processes according to home office preferences, and to structure how fields are populated in required Pershing documentation.

Since the start of the Jemstep–Pershing partnership in 2016, the Advisor Pro platform has offered industry-leading integration to banks and other wealth managers. Jemstep and Pershing have worked closely to create a consistent and streamlined experience for the client, advisor, and home office. “Advisory firms rely on us to provide consistently superior service, and we are grateful for Pershing’s collaboration as we deliver bank-grade digital advice solutions built on the Pershing platform.,” said Simon Roy, President and CEO of Jemstep. “Jemstep is committed to investing in Advisor Pro’s industry-leading Pershing integration, and to working closely with Pershing to develop creative solutions that are client-centric, intuitive, and scalable, in support of our mutual client firms.” This collaborative environment extends to the firms’ parent companies, Invesco and BNY Mellon. Their long-standing relationship supports a broad ecosystem of collaboration between the two organizations that benefits mutual client firms.

Banks typically have distinctive operational processes and systems. Advisor Pro integrates with existing systems and can apply these specific protocols to deliver a seamless digital wealth management offering. “Pershing is known for its breadth and depth of capabilities in serving banks, independent broker-dealers, RIAs, insurers, and other firms,” said Ram Nagappan, CIO of Pershing. “Our ongoing relationship with FinTechs like Jemstep complements these capabilities, allowing us to deliver our clients’ high-quality digital advice to help support their unique needs.”

Jemstep is a Silicon Valley–based FinTech firm. With over a decade of digital advice experience, we transform the way banks and other financial services firms deliver digital wealth management to clients. The Advisor Pro digital advice platform can help provide a superior investing experience for clients and advisors, by integrating goal-based wealth management within the firm’s current systems. Our parent company, Invesco, provides support and deep resources to help us meet a bank’s complex needs — now and in the future.

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Jemstep, Inc. provides a digital solution for investment advisors. Jemstep is a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Invesco, Ltd. The opinions expressed are those of the author, are based on current market conditions and are subject to change without notice. These opinions may differ from those of other Invesco investment professionals.


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