Why The “Slap Your Logo On My Robo” Business Model Doesn’t Work Any Longer

July 2019

Listen to Simon Roy, Jemstep’s President and CEO, discuss digital advice solutions in banking on the Wealth Management Today podcast with Criag Iskowitz, Founder and CEO of the Ezra Group.


In this episode, Simon covers solutions for banks to make wealth management accessible while reducing costs, deepening relationships between clients and advisors, and maintaining a consistent client experience across all lines of business while adhering to strict regulatory and compliance requirements.

Listen to “Why The ‘Slap Your Logo On My Robo’ Business Model Doesn’t Work Any Longer”.

Simon covers the topics below to explain how Jemstep is helping banks digitally transform their wealth management business:


Increase Access to Wealth Management

  • Convert existing clients from other lines of business to wealth management
  • Create a consistent client experience from a primary banking portal all the way through the wealth management flow


Effectively Reduce the Cost to Serve Clients

  • Implement a digital advice platform that is embedded with banks’ existing infrastructure, their current systems, and their third-party providers
  • Segment clients into tiers to help advisors maximize their time


Create an Exceptional and Consistent Client Experience

  • Prefilled forms, Single Sign-On (SSO), and a straight through onboarding process creates a seamless experience and increases conversion
  • Consistent client experience at every touchpoint – web, mobile, with an advisor, talking to a call center, or in a branch
  • Regulatory, data, and compliance requirements are built into the digital flow to ensure a consistent client experience


Our Drive to Innovate Client-Focused Solutions is Backed by Invesco

  • Jemstep and Invesco are committed to maintaining an open investment platform to best serve banks
  • Jemstep is able to leverage Invesco services including investment solutions, consulting services, and compliance protocols


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