General questions

  • Who is Jemstep?

    Jemstep, Inc. provides a digital solution for investment advisors. Based in Silicon Valley, it is one of the first digital solutions on the market designed for advisors.

  • What is Jemstep Advisor Pro?

    Jemstep Advisor Pro offers a consumer-friendly online experience for RIAs, IBDs, banks and insurers that reflect their branding and messaging. With compelling functionality that includes a free online portfolio analysis, the website is transformed into a highly interactive and engaging portal to start a financial conversation and enroll clients online.

  • How is Jemstep affiliated with Invesco?

    Jemstep is a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Invesco Ltd.

  • What are the benefits of Jemstep Advisor Pro?
    • Configured to reflect financial advisors unique value proposition 
    • Advisor retains control over clients, data and investment strategy
    • Reach away assets and mass affluent clients 
    • Cost effective onboarding and servicing
    • Integrate seamlessly within an existing business and systems 
    • Achieve practice efficiency and scalability 
    • Broad range of models in an open architecture platform
    • Multi custodial for optimal account transfer process 
    • No competition over relationship or investment management
    • Flexibility of migrating clients from one model to another 
    • Digital delivery of account opening documents, ADV Part 2, privacy disclosures



  • What support do we provide?

    At Jemstep we provide extensive support to make sure you understand the product and services available on the platform. For more information, please contact us at sales@jemstep.com.



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