Empowering advisors through digital innovation

Jemstep Advisor Pro is an innovative advisor-directed technology that enhances the way financial advisors run their businesses. Our platform allows advisors to prospect for and serve clients more efficiently, and to use the latest digital technology to deliver their valued advice.

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Integration with your business

We designed Jemstep Advisor Pro to integrate seamlessly within an existing business, configured to work hand-in-hand with native systems and workflows to drive practice efficiency and increase enterprise value for financial advisors. 

Why Jemstep Advisor Pro

Leveraging award-winning expertise and deep industry knowledge

Jemstep has been at the forefront of digital innovation with a proven, four-year track record of delivering real value.

Why Jemstep Advisor Pro

Enriching the client experience

We designed Jemstep Advisor Pro to meet the evolving needs of investors, enriching their experience and strengthening their connectivity with advisors.


- Advisor-branded
- Risk assessment
- Account aggregation
- Personalized analysis
- Guided, segmented adviser offerings


- Smart electronic onboarding
- E-signatures and delivery
- Status tracking


- Investors presented with portfolio endorsed by the
- Transparent holdings and asset allocation
- View and manage accounts online


- Easy-to-use dashboard
- Status updates on account activity
- Self-service capabilities
- Web chat for convenient way to connect with advisors

Increasing an advisor's reach

Advisors use the open-architecture Jemstep Advisor Pro platform for:

Converting leads
Increase conversions with an engaging online experience designed to digitally onboard prospects.
Intergenerational wealth transfer
Easily create relationships with the family of clients to meet their investment needs ahead of a wealth transfer event.
Deepening share of wallet
More visibility into held-away accounts allows clients to effortlessly transfer assets, deepening share of wallet.
Allows advisors an easy way to digitally prospect for and onboard clients.
Cost Efficiency
Full integration with existing systems, streamlining work flow and reducing the cost to serve clients.
Segmented approach
Jemstep's multi-tier investment offering suits a broad range of client needs with the click of a button.
Provides a repeatable, consistent process that ensures you are compliant with the latest requirements.


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